Huawei Honor 6x BLN-AL20 Remove Huawei ID Done

Huawei Honor 6x BLN-AL20 Remove Huawei ID Done

Huawei Honor 6x BLN-AL20 Khóa Tài Khoản Huawei ID,Mở Khóa Thành Công
Huawei Honor 6x BLN-AL20 Remove Huawei ID Online Via Remote

Nhận Xóa Huawei ID Huawei Honor 6x BLN-AL20
Nhận Xóa FRP - Gmail Huawei Honor 6x BLN-AL20
Nhận Nạp Rom Quốc Tế Huawei Honor 6x BLN-AL20

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Reset Huawei ID

2020-08-08 19:22:27.041 Autodetect COM port and phone type start!
2020-08-08 19:22:28.117 Found COM port: COM226
2020-08-08 19:22:28.121 Found phone type: Huawei Android phone (HiSilicon CPU)
2020-08-08 19:22:28.770 Open COM port COM226 (Android Adapter PCUI (COM226))...
2020-08-08 19:22:34.563 Connecting to server...
2020-08-08 19:22:35.241 Connected!
2020-08-08 19:22:49.513 CP State: ready
2020-08-08 19:22:49.518 Read phone basic info...
2020-08-08 19:22:50.819 Read phone secure info...

2020-08-08 19:22:57.365 Resetting Huawei ID...
2020-08-08 19:22:57.365 Read from server...
2020-08-08 19:22:57.755 Read from server success!
2020-08-08 19:23:01.116 Reset Huawei ID success!


Model: BLN-AL20
MEID: A00000760B8E8A
pESN: 80BC192B
IMEI: 864911031463485
IMEI2: 864911031724951
IMEI3: 864911031463485
Firmware ver.: System
Dataver: BLN-AL20
SN: BTF4C17302009331
PCB SN: 4C4FQH1736066864
WiFi MAC: 14:5F:94:31:2A:B9
BlueTooth MAC: 14:5F:94:30:A4:8F
Vendor: all
Country: cn
APTIME:Wed Dec 26 11:43:57 CST 2018
eMMC: 32G
eMMC ID: 45010044463430333201855FB7722400
HUN: 72B75F8500000000

IMEI 1 Sim Lock status:
NET: unlocked
NETSUB: unlocked
SP: unlocked

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