ZTE Blade A51 Tiếng Việt - Mở Mạng - FRP

 ZTE Blade A51 Tiếng Việt - Mở Mạng - FRP

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  1. Spreadtrum 9863a_3h10 Board
    First 16 bytes from public rsa key.
    Phone Storage: EMMC
    SELECTED: SC9863A_EMMC_ZTE([sign 1]A10+)
    ACTION: SimUnlock
    Loader format:NEW
    Start Detect phone.
    Phone must be off with battery inside.
    Long press "VOL -"+ "VOL +" key while inserting usb cable.
    Keep key untill boot complete.
    Detected: SPRD U2S Diag (COM39)
    Sending loader, keep boot key untill loader start.
    Loader OK: Spreadtrum Boot Block version 1.1
    Changing bautrate OK.
    Send Second Loader.
    New flash metod detected.
    UID: TMGG86_5_7_24
    [S]Manufacturer: ZTE
    [S]Brand: ZTE
    [S]Device: P963F60
    [S]Model: Blade A51
    Build ID: RP1A.201005.001
    CPU arhitecture: armeabi-v7a
    Build product name: s9863a1h10_go_32b
    Build description: s9863a1h10_go_32b_2g-user 11 RP1A.201005.001 20230420.143908 release-keys
    Product name: Z6353T
    SW Version: TLS_AU_Z6353TV1.0.0B24
    Board: s9863a1h10_go_32b
    Build Id: RP1A.201005.001
    Android Release: 11
    Android Version: Blade A51_M08
    Security patch: 2023-04-05
    CPU NAME: SC9863A
    NV partition: l_fixnv1_a
    IMEI 1: 862982051836035
    IMEI 2: 111111111111119
    IMEI 3: 867400020316638
    IMEI 4: 867400020316646
    Simlock Type: 4

    Simlock Status:
    [4]Simlock Type: 0 0
    Backup saved to: C:\Users\QuanPhatVinhThanh\Documents\spreadtrum_module\flashmode_nvram_backup\SC9863A_Blade_A51_M08_862982051836035_111111111111119_l_fixnv1_a_nvram_backup.tar
    Testing key 1
    Testing key 2
    Testing key 3
    Sim unlock and repair imei is supported for this phone.
    Integrity seems ok, proceed with unlock....
    Start write unlock, wait...
    [can take 0-10 sec]Wait untill phone restart.

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