LG G5 SE H840 Unlock Network - Mở Mạng - Repair IMEI - FRP

 LG G5 SE H840 Unlock Network - Mở Mạng - Repair IMEI - FRP

LG G5 SE H840 Khoá Sim Nhà Mạng,Mở Mạng Vĩnh Viễn Không Sai IMEI

LG G5 SE H840 Unlock Network Online Via Remote

Nhận Unlock - Mở mạng LG G5 SE H840 

Nhận Repair IMEI - Network LG G5 SE H840 

Nhận Xoá FRP - Gmail LG G5 SE H840 

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Selected model: H840
Reading info...
Model ID: LG-H840
IMEI: 357975-07-202434-4
Android version: 7.0
Battery level: 76%
Mode: Normal
Firmware compiled date: Oct 21 2016
Firmware compiled time: 03:00:00
Firmware released date: Jul 31 2017
Firmware released time: 18:33:06
SW Version: MPSS.TA.2.0.c13-00016-8976_GEN_PACK-1.102138.1
IMEI: 357975-07-202434-4
SPC: 000000
Reading QCN...
Send SPC...OK
Reading Mobile Property...OK
Reading Feature Mask...OK
Reading Roaming List 0...OK
Reading NV_Numbered Items...OK
Reading NV_Numbered SIM1 Items...OK
Reading NV_Numbered SIM2 Items...OK
Reading NV Items...OK
Reading EFS...OK
Reading Provisioning Items...OK
Reading QCN done!
Backup saved to "H840_357975072024344_08-09-2022_09-23-12.qcn"
Switching to Download mode...OK
Initializing flash...OK
Reading partitions...OK
Detecting writing method...
LAF Error: 80000121.
Trying second method...OK
Reading security area...OK
Backup saved to "H840_357975072024344_08-09-2022_09-30-59.SEC"
Writing security area...OK
Switching to Normal mode...
Found model LGH840AT* port COM26
Send SPC...OK
Writing QCN...
Writing NV_Numbered Items...OK
Writing NV_Numbered SIM1 Items...OK
Writing NV_Numbered SIM2 Items...OK
Writing QCN done!
Phone successfully unlocked!

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